Kansalawile Mine,
Tenke-Fungurume Area,


Crystal: Trigonal
Hardness: 3
Sp.G.: 2.71
Cleavage: Directions of cleavage
Not at rightangles.
Fracture: Conchoidal
Tenacity: Brittle
Colour: Pink to Red
Lustre: Vitreous to Resinous

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Cobaltocalcite is a delicate pink mineral prized by mineral collectors. It is sometimes used in jewellery.

Cobaltocalcite is a relatively rare mineral and is found in various geological settings around the world.

It typically occurs in hydrothermal vein systems, where mineral-rich fluids have circulated through fractures in the Earth’s crust.

Cobaltocalcite has been found Morocco and Democratic Republic of Congo. The mineral cobaltocalcite is a variety of calcite, which is a calcium carbonate mineral.

Cobaltocalcite is special because it contains traces of Cobalt (Co) which is responsible for it's bright pink colour.

Cobalt itself is an essential element with a range of industrial applications.

It is used in the production of rechargeable batteries, including those found in mobile phones and electric vehicles.

Cobalt is utilized in various alloys and magnets.

Stone of Creativity

According to Metaphysical Healers Cobaltocalcite inspires forgiveness, creativity, love, and openness. It is a perfect crystal to place in ones office or a special room. It also cleanses areas of negative energy.

It is a of stone unconditional love. They say it is a powerful healer and is used to repair broken hearts or used by people who find it hard to love oneself. Used for attracting wealth and releasing one from worries over financial matters.

Zodiac: Cancer



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