Crystal: Monoclinic
Hardness: 2.5 - 3
Sp.G.:5.9 - 6.1
Cleavage: Rather Distinct
Fracture: Conchoidal to uneven
Colour: Bright hyacinth red
Lustre: Adamantine; Vitreous

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Stone of Vitality
Crocoite is a lead chromate mineral mainly found at Dundas, Tasmania. Crocoite is commonly found as large, well-developed prismatic adamantine crystals, although in many cases they are poorly terminated. Crystals are of a bright hyacinth-red colour, translucent, and have an adamantine to vitreous lustre. On exposure to UV light some of the translucency and brilliancy is lost.

Crocoite was first discovered at the Berezovskoe Au Deposit (Berezovsk Mines) near Ekaterinburg in the Urals in 1766 and was named ‘crocoiose’ bt F. S. Beudant in 1832 from the Greek κρόκος (krokos), saffron, in allusion to its colour, a name first altered to crocoisite and afterwards to crocoite. In the type locality the crystals are found in gold-bearing quartz veins traversing granite or gneiss. It occurs as bright redslender terminated crystals in vughs in a
ferro-manganese gossan.

It is the only chromate mineral that has a use in industry as colouration in paint.

Metaphysical Healers say Crocoite stimulates creativity, and helps one to feel passionately about whatever has ones attention. It is said to infuse vitality and zest into ones life.

Keep it close rather than holding it in the hand as it is a relatively fragile mineral. Said to stimulate an amazing breadth of love and compassion within ones life. It bings back the sparkle to life. It has powerful metaphysical properties that aids the flow of spiritual energy throughout the entire chakra system.

Crocoite helps one to open oneself to love and compassion, and aids one to make changes, without stress. It assists one to feel quite confident and certain about ones actions. It removes fears of taking the first ‘leap’ by overcoming fear and insecurity.

Crocoite helps keep ones mind focused and clear when on the path of following your dreams. It provides one with “tunnel vision” to help avoid distractions from ones desires. Instils positive emotions while chasing those elusive goals. It creates a strongly spiritual and loving vibration in ones life.

Keep it in the bedroom to improve your relationship, as it is said to 
stimulate passionate lovemaking.

Zodiac: Aries


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