Rough K2Nite

K2Nite Cabochon
Stone of Stability

According to New Age Therapists, K2Nite can protect, loved ones, possessions, and ones physical security.
Helps one process ones emotions. Allows one to find peace & harmony.

New Age Therapists and Crystal healers, who’ve worked with K2Nite, consider it to be a high vibration & powerful stone, a must for all healers. Said to work with the head area. Good stone to have for those who suffer from headaches especially if the crown or 3rd eye is blocked. Use this stone when searching for the meaning or purpose of your present life & when doing past life work.

K2Nite, or ”K2 Granite," is also known as "K2 Jasper”. It is an interesting rock and lapidary material. K2Nite is named after a mountain in the Karakoram Range near the border between Pakistan and China. K2, also known as "Mount Godwin Austen," is the second-highest mountain in the world.

The ‘azurite granite’ is found in colluvium near the base of the mountain.
It is in a very remote area visited by very few people. It is a bright white granite that contains sharply contrasting orbs of bright blue azurite. The white granite is very
fine-grained and composed of quartz,
sodium plagioclase, muscovite, and biotite. Some specimens show strong alignment <>of the biotite grains and could be called "granite gneiss."

The mineral content of granite consists of the quartz, mica and feldspar, and sometimes other minerals. Those minerals give granite a light cream, white or pink colour, and are complemented by the inclusion of other minerals like Biotite and Black Amphibole hornblende which gives the granite
a salt and pepper appearance.

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