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 Gemstones Of Australia
"Nothing taken from the Earth gains in value so much for doing so little to it as a gemstone.""
Dr. Ralph Segnit, 1987


Australia is rich in gemstone and mineral resources but one resource, ornamental gemstones, had never been fully exploited to it's best potential due to a lack of investors to fund a mining operation and purchase the right equipment. Lack of foresight, on the part of Australian investors, had prevented an industry from growing. Value adding to gemstones is more viable now due to more people realising the importance of making products in Australia.

Australian souvenirs should be made in Australia.

Most of these gem resources are in difficult to reach, faraway places, but, with a fully funded operation it was possible to turn the 'sleeping giant' into a successful business.

In 2013, Linna Huang purchased the Prehnite mine in Northern Territory, Australia and commenced mining with heavy equipment.

Initially the raw stone was exported to China where the Chinese cutters benefitted from this beautiful Australian resource.

In China Prehnite is known as Grapestone.

The mine produces the world's best prehnite, found in various shade from pale green to dark green and yellow, the rarest colour in prehnite.

Agate, Amethyst, Prehnite (our tradname is SunJade®), Petrified Wood, Jasper, calc-silicates, Jade, Black Jade, Rhodonite

We make a special mention to this rare precious gem, prehnite, which is found in abundance on the reserves in Northern Territory. We own possibly the largest reserve of gem grade prehnite in the world and are now producing a wide range of products in our factory in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Gem quality prehnite is a truly magnificent stone which, when faceted or carved there is no other gem in the world which exhibits the beautiful shades of greens and gold colours. Valuations on faceted stones, not to the standard which we have presented to the world, have been advertised at over $US100.00 per carat and one gem which was shown to the Gemological Institute was valued at $US200.00 per carat.